TraMod [Tradition + Modernity] is the world`s first International academy for studying interaction between tradition and modernity in architecture and design . Respecting and saving identity, traditions and cultures in one hand and being modern and up-dated in the other hand, causes new generations of architects and designers to have a mixture of tradition and modernity in their architecture, interior design and fashion-industrial design projects. TraMod Academy focuses on the methods of this mixture and will analyze architecture and design projects which follow this way of design thinking. This academy is an open platform to share these kinds of projects, related events, workshops, webinars, competitions, tours and interviews with architects and designers all over the world

TraMod Academy contains different sections to reach its goals. TraMod PROJECTS, TraMod EVENTS-WORKSHOPS, TraMod TALKS, TraMod TOURS and TraMod AWARDS are some important sections of this academy which contain International architecture and design projects and dialogs which interactions between Tradition + Modernity can be seen in them