TraMod Architecture: At-Taufik Mosque by JOSO

Led by Thoat Fauzi and Fathurrohman Hakim Muqorrobin, JOSO Architects, has finished its recent religious project, At-Taufik mosque in KECAMATAN JAGAKARSA, INDONESIA

Great combination of traditional-native elements of Indonesian architecture, Islamic architecture and modern architecture of today, cause this project a unique case study for interactions between tradition and modernity in architecture which is the main research area of TraMod Academy

NUSANTARA elements, which are some of the important factors of Indonesian native architecture, in one hand, Islamic ornaments such as ASMAUL HUSNA, in the other hand and also, trying not to look alike general dome or geometry that mosques have, are some powerful reasons that we can have this project in TraMod category projects

Paying attention to details of interior, light and landscape design and also using and composition of colors and materials in different floors, such as using solid black material in mihrab area to reflect the black stone in the Kaaba-HAJAR ASWAD, which are designed and created for different reasons, are some other interesting factors of this project

At-Taufik mosque is a brave and courageous project which religion and today life, tradition and modernity, past and future, all are living and breathing beside each other and invites users from different generation to visit, learn and enjoy

Images © : Mario Wibowo