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Traditional Societies & Modern Technologies in Architecture & Design



Webinar Introduction: Due to “Traditional Societies and Modern Technologies in Architecture & Design” Scientific Program by TraMod ACADEMY, the new webinar series of this program will be held. The title of the upcoming webinar is “How A.I. IS CHANGING” and the invited keynote speakers will talk about how new technologies can and must be used in today process of architectural designs even in traditional countries and societies. In the realm of architecture, the introduction of AI and digital tools marks a pivotal shift. These technologies offer us unparalleled precision and efficiency, enabling us to reimagine design processes. However, the essence of architecture transcends mere structural integrity or aesthetic appeal; it's deeply rooted in cultural narratives and environmental harmony. Our works embodies this philosophy by harnessing AI to augment the importance of craftsmanship in building practices. This approach not only preserves but revitalizes craftsmanship, ensuring they remain relevant in our rapidly evolving digital era. By integrating AI, we're not replacing the human touch; rather, we're empowering craftsmen with new tools to express their creativity and ingenuity. In conclusion, the future of architecture and design lies in our ability to merge the wisdom of vernacular design with the innovations of modern technology. Let's embrace this fusion, creating spaces that are sustainable, meaningful, and reflective of our collective human experience

Webinar Information: Date & Time: Monday, 8 April 2024, 18:30 Istanbul Time | Webinar Duration: 2 Hours including Ask & Answer Section | Webinar Language: English | Webinar Platform: Google Meet | Lectures Topics: Panel One: A.I.-Enhanced Craft & Eco-Build / Panel Two: From visual programming to automated architectural design: The role of programming and A.I. in architectural design

HOW TO REGISTER: This webinar is free of charge and just needs your information (Containing Your First Name & Last Name, Your City, Country, Your University/Firm, Your E-Mail and Your Whats app number) to be sent to TraMod ACADEMY official whats app number: 0090-5388997525 | Your confirmation code and the webinar link will be sent to you via whats app

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