TraMod PROJECTS: Tradition + Modernity in Architecture | Lotus Amphitheater

The root of Lotus Amphitheater emerged from the architectural figure of the Safavid technology, crucial inventive period in Iran. All over this period, a dome-fashioned condominium was as soon as held for Eid ceremonies, Shahnameh readings, and musical performances, and other folks gathered in these places. The Lotus amphitheater project has been created to withhold the art and tradition of feeble Iran alive. The skin facet is impressed by a lotus that was as soon as aged in many designs of the Achaemenid period

The wall patterns and gentle panels are embellished with 5o7 of Safavid structure with Seat affiliation on completely different levels have created an inventive atmosphere in direction of the corridor. In the heart of the amphitheater, a gap was as soon as created to employ pure gentle with a photograph voltaic tunnel and lit up the stage. The skin, along with the take into myth of the handmade tiles of the Safavid period and glasses with an aggregate of linear LEDs and spotlights, which has created obliging reflections on the water. Having all photography feeling of location identity in one unfamiliar shape as a hierarchy and family agree with came together in one united emotional and purposeful low. Now we have the most take into myth of the ocean. The utilization of gentle art, tune, and agree with, audiences’ expertise a hierarchy from the heyday of Iranian structure. The high of the building is 17.5 meters. The inner diameter is 30 meters, and the outer diameter is 40 meters. The skill of the corridor is achieved at 840 people

DESIGNERS - Images Ⓒ: Peyman Kiani Falavarjani, Nima Bavardi and Parisa Biriya | CG ARTIST: Mohammad Ali Rezaeiyan