TraMod Projects: Tradition + Modernity in Architecture, Interior, Fashion and Industrial Projects

Thanks for choosing TraMod Academy for publishing your built or unbuilt architecture, interior, fashion and industrial projects. TraMod Academy is an open platform for studying and sharing architecture and design projects which have interaction between tradition and modernity. It`s free of charge and easy to submit and share your projects at our website and social media networks to show the world what you have done

You need to prepare a document in .rar or .zip format and share it`s Dropbox or Google Drive link via our email:

This document must contain following folders

A-Drawings, Images or Renders (Good Quality- JPG format)

B-Related Media (GIFs, YouTube, Vimeo Links)

C-Text | Project Information in WORD format containing following information

Project Name: Firm: Website: Contact e-mail: Firm Location: - Is your project a competition entry, proposal or a built project?: Completion Year (if applies): Project location: - Lead Architects/Designers: Lead Architects/Designers e-mail: *Media Provider Renderings credits: Video link: Additional Credits Design Team: Clients: Consultants: Collaborators: Etc.. Project Short Description