Mirai House of Arches by Sanjay Puri Architects

How to combine tradition and modernity in architecture and design is the main research question of TraMod academy

Among region countries, India is an old and cultural country which different national architects and designers pay attention to its important traditional factors and details

With its old civilization and great traditional architecture, India is a country which we can learn from it a lot

Sanjay Puri Architects is one of the most important Indian Architecture and design firms with different international architecture and design prizes and awards. This firms focuses on different aspects of past and today`s architectural factors

One of its successful project is the MIRAI HOUSE OF ARCHES in Bhilwara, India which reflects past in today atmosphere. Paying attention to climatic conditions of the project, sustainability, nature, user, space, playing with forms and volumes, creativity, colors and material selection are some important factors which can be studied in this project

Traditional arches, colors and materials with modern space designs and interior modern furniture causes a great combination of tradition and modernity beside each other. Nature injection, inside and outside of the project, also causes this factor more colorful

MIRAI HOUSE OF ARCHES is a simple but great project with detailed factors of culture, architecture, human, nature, past and today

Project Information: Architects: Sanjay Puri Architects | Area : 920 m²| Year : 2022 | Photographs :Dinesh Mehta | Manufacturers : Gessi, Siematic, Burberry Grey Marble, Flex Stone, Ledos, Modular Kitchen, Olie Living, Suco, The Wicker Story | Lead Architects : Sanjay Puri , Nina Puri

Images Ⓒ: Dinesh Mehta