Thanks for choosing TraMod AWARDS 2023 for submitting your built or unbuilt (concept) architecture, interior, fashion and industrial-product projects. If you have paid attention to cultures, societies, identity, traditions, history, past, today and future in your design projects, TraMod AWARDS is the correct destination to submit what you have done. We are looking for solutions of interactions between tradition and modernity in architecture and design and these interactions may include concept, idea, appearance, meaning or construction aspects in any creation of design world. Our juries have not mentioned special criteria for judgment process for now, because the story of each project can be different and finding solution for this design question may contain different aspects of factors. The submitted projects will be studied and the longlist and shortlist projects will be discussed by our grand jury panel to select the winners of the awards. Submitting to this award is easy and fast. You need to prepare a document in .rar or .zip format and share it`s Dropbox or Google Drive link via our email: / After your submission, in three working days, you will received a confirmation code, keep this code up to the end of the winners announcement

The submitting document must contain following folders

Folder A: Drawings, Images or Renders (Good Quality- JPG format) / Please pay attention that no name or logo should be mentioned in this folder

Folder B: Related Media (Posters, Videos, Animations, GIFs, YouTube or Vimeo Links) / Please pay attention that no name or logo should be mentioned in this folder too

Folder C: Text | Project Information in WORD format containing following information: Project Name/ Lead Designer & Design Team/ Submission Category: Professional Category (Built-Made or Concept) or Student Category / Firm or School / Website-Social Media Accounts / Contact e-mail / Firm or School Location / Project Statues: Built-Unbuilt (Concept)- Student / Project Category: Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Industrial-Product Design/ Project Usage / Design or Completion Year / Media provider-Credits / Project Story: Short Description

Folder D: Payment Proof in JPG. or PDF. Format / Please pay attention that the registration fees are divided in to two (Professional (Built-Unbuilt (Concept) & Student) Categories and will be different according to your registration type (Early Bird, Standard & Late Registration) / Students should add their student proof to this folder too / The payment can be done in four currency units: USD, EURO, Turk Lirasi & IRR Rials / You can have your payment in any of these currency units by the date of the exchange / The payment accounts and bank information are available via following table

Please don`t hesitate to write us, if you have any further question via our official e-mail: