The World`s First International Award on Interactions between Tradition & Modernity in Architecture & Design by​

The Sponsorship of TraMod ACADEMY AWARDS 2023 is divided to 4 categories; Golden, Silver, Bronze & Normal which contains AWARD costs, Prizes, Juries Flights +Hotels+ GALA NIGHT costs and contribution of the executive board of the academy. All related companies, institutes, centers and organizations are welcomed to cooperate with TraMod ACADEMY in one of these sponsorship categories

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International events can provide companies with incredible opportunities to market their brand, reach new customers, improve their public perception and increase their sales. Through business sponsorship, you can provide attendees with a unique experience that fosters trust and credibility. As TraMod AWARDS 2023, organized by TraMod ACADEMY, has been created as an international platform to share cultures, ideas and creativities, it is a great opportunity to join and enjoy. This event includes the world`s most famous architects, designers, directors and creators as jury members board and according to its categories in 4 sections; Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion and Product Design and also as many professional architects, designers and customers may join, being a part of the sponsorship program can create different benefits. By sponsoring this international event, your brand can increase return on investment, build business relationships, gain valuable insights, expand its content strategy, foster a positive reputation, generate leads, benefit from association, boost brand visibility, interact with prospects and establish its authority​

The sponsorship program of this international award is divided to 4 sections; Gold, Silver, Bronze, And Normal Sponsorship. The table below, shows the details, facilities, services and prices of each section​

After selecting any of these packages and sponsorship categories, you can submit your sponsorship request to our official e-mail via: ​