TraMod Installation: Paradise has Many Gates by Ajlan Gharem

Temporary Installation Artist Ajlan Gharem by his creative project entitled “Paradise has many Gates” in Saudi Arabia has created a multi-concept artwork which can be translated to different meanings from different aspects

In one hand, the project itself is describing a traditional volume of a mosque with contemporary meanings such as transparency and by the other hand, by omitting borders between outside and inside of a mosque, the meaning of privacy in Islamic-Traditional Architecture has been changed. In one hand, the form of the project which looks like a cage or prison, creates a format like a hell and many doors and gates which may say there are many ways to sin and be guilty, you can see and in the other hand, it seems like borders of the heaven-like countries which are preventing the hell-like countries` refugees and illegal immigrants from entering

Many oppositions beside each other cause this project to be a post-modern artwork which lets the users understand, decide and do whatever they want

!There are many gates, decide where you want to enter

All Images © : Ajlan Gharem