TraMod Projects: Masjid Bin Dafoos by WaiWai Architects

Masjid or Mosque, as one of the main factors of Islamic architecture contains different forms and meanings in contemporary architecture of related regions. Beside traditional elements of this religious space such as mihrab and minaret, the form itself and the created space by these elements cause a new atmosphere and definition of mosque in today architecture of Islamic countries

There are lots of things which effect the appearance of the masjids in different regions and countries. Some factors such as geography, culture, traditions, society, policy, economy, climatic conditions of the site, local material and etc. But the meaning and spiritual and internal usage of this space, is the lonely factor which was, is and will stay fixed

Masjid Bin Dafoos by WaiWai Architects in Dubai, UAE is one of these contemporary designs of mosques which the design team of this project have a unique concept and idea for the design process of this project

Being situated in a communal location that has hundreds of years of history as a place of prayer, and close to the Gold Souk and Dubai Creek, the context for Masjid bin Dafoos has a rich, historic lineage. Essential to the project is the recognition that walls and slabs are not required in a place for prayer; rather, a "mosque" is established by the inclusion of several necessary elements: mihrab, ablution, and minaret. The "building" itself is not necessary. How the hundreds of occupants decide to congregate around these essential elements defines the architecture, defines the space, and defines the surrounding square. Thus, the notion of physical boundary is replaced by one of malleability. The deliberately reduced form is conceived as a "cloud": vertical facade elements of re-enforced concrete surround the fundamental religious elements, arranged so that it is possible to see directly through the architecture from the north-south elevations, and blur the edge of the mosque to the city outside, says WaiWai Architects

This project is a great sample for the combination of traditions and modernity in architecture; simple, unique and having all traditions of a mosque in a modern form and appearance