TraMod Academy International Architecture Exhibition

The Third International TraMod Academy Exhibition & Seminar with the cooperation of Istanbul Sabahattin University was held at Historical Museum of the university | 7-10 December 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

In this international exhibition, 14 projects were selected, studied and shown which most of them were famous TraMod [Combination of Tradition & Modernity] projects and were published in most-well-known international architectural platforms and journals such as archdaily, designboom and dezeen

Event Organizers: TraMod Academy & Istanbul Sabahattin University | Event Directors: Dr. Javad Eiraji & Dr. Bahar Ferah | Event Sponsor: Fason Matbaa

One of the exhibition projects was Preston Mosque in England which is designed by Italian London-based Architect Luca Poian. In this project you can see how new and updated forms can follows meanings and traditions of religious buildings

Habibeh Majdabadi, is one of the other famous woman architects which her project "40 Knots House" was nominated in famous architecture award, AGA KHAN ARCHITECTURE AWARD, and two of her projects were shown in this exhibition

Reza Najafian, Rizvi Hassan, Natalia Orca, Arash G. Tehrani & Sanaz Ghaem Maghami (Modaam Architects) are also some other architects and design studios which their projects were shown in this exhibition. In all of these projects, “How interactions can be between tradition and modernity” is the main question in their design process