TraMod PROJECTS: Asher Hotel by Ax Engineers | A Combination of Traditional Systems + Modern Technologies

With an area of 22,000 square meters with 11 floors, planned roof and 10 floors underneath, 21 floors in total, Asher Hotel has been planned and executed in Tehran by Ax Consulting Engineers. Based on the specialized reviews along with unique architecture, by using the wind flow from the Saei Park area and making an artificial waterfall working by the wind power, some louvres have been designed on the facade of this building in accordance with the technical calculations, specifically as the revival of traditional louvres

It should be noted that some of its general advantages are the reduction of toxic air in the region, reduction of traffic on Vali-e Asr street, creation of public parking lots, construction of a public library, a mosque, a gallery, cinema halls and an amphitheater, which can be used by the general public, and finally, the improvement of the capital's tourism capacity through a completely modern project, built with authentic traditional architecture

Another distinguished feature of this building is that it has been intelligently designed in such a way that its outer parts, the terraces and balconies, are connected together and can move in different directions at different times to provide shade for those who use the interior space in different season to enjoy all the comfort and convenience of this building. Using traditional wind catchers` details and facts beside modern façade and high technology construction systems are some of the other main factors of this project

All Images © : AX ENGINEERS