Javad Eiraji Exclusive TALK with Iranian Awarded Architect & Interior Designer

Reza Najafian | ReNa Design

Tradition + Modernity in Interior Design

Due to Javad Eiraji`s recent project “The Position of Meaning in Contemporary Architecture of Iran after Islamic Revolution” published by Pars University of Architecture and Art, the interactions between tradition and modernity in contemporary projects by Iranian architects and designers have been studied in this project. One of these young architects and designers which has won different international awards is Reza Najafian. Reza established his own design office “ReNa Design” in 2012, which won different awards and honors. The taste of tradition in a modern and up-dated atmosphere can be seen in his different architecture and interior designs. Diyar Media Office is one of his greatest projects which the combination of tradition and modernity can be seen in it . This interview was done during the book research studies in in 2018

Javad Eiraji: What is the main design concept and process in the Diyar Media Office project

Reza Najafian: Paying attention to Iranian traditional architecture and details beside modern atmosphere, colors and materials is the main concept in this project. Iranian-Islamic geometry and its development as the structure of a building and the composition of surfaces beside each other were very important in this project

Javad Eiraji: Beside physical symbols, what kind of meanings can be found in this project

Reza Najafian: The friendly relationship between the office and its users was very important for the client. This can be found in Iranian traditional houses. Flexibility is very needed for this goal and the interior designs of these traditional houses own this target. Friendly spaces for users beside serious work spaces for this media office were needed. So, not only the physical symbols, but also we used meanings of these traditional houses in our project

Javad Eiraji: What have you tried to do and show in this project

Reza Najafian: In my opinion, Iranian traditional architecture is a pioneer in different aspects. Beside a good architecture, for having a successful architecture we need to be pioneers and this is what we had tried to look for in this project. Form, function, meaning, furniture, color, material and a suitable composition can help a designer to aim this goal. Learning from the past and living with today's needs can guide the interaction between tradition and modernity

Images © Reza Najafian